Friday, 5 March 2010

Something interesting about Mobile Stair Lifts

I found some good articles about a new technology.

The persons on age get it a little hard. Aside from deteriorating physical body, the other troubles start to forbid them from acting on the matters they enjoyed. Their brittle bones finish from doing the sport that they accustomed to enjoy. Sooner or later, just the elementary matters similar going and climbing the stairs gets excessively debilitating. Occasionally, it turns too tough that they stop being strapped into a wheelchair.

Although being hooked to a wheelchair is not totally awful, it has some disadvantages. For one, they only own right of entry restrained areas while they are alone. They always have to have another person to move them around and aid them through ramps or steps. This problem as you should recognize can get quite discouraging. Yet, this unpleasant thing does not truly suit to linger for a long time. There is a result that should allow the people on age self-sufficiency just when they are in their chair. What precisely is it? It's titled a mobile stair lift.

A mobile stair lift in a way maintains the concept of a familiar chair mounter. They are both of them built to help the elders go up and down the steps or an angle surface. Still, contrary to the normal stair mounter, where rails are put on on or beside the staircase itself, the mobile version is fixed below the wheelchair. They are likewise typically powered by a battery|battery-powered}, making them perfect for both interior and exterior empty.
Aside from that, a mobile stair lift will also posses a couple of added settings, furnished for the comfort of the one utilizing it. It could come by means of adaptable height, width and profundity that gets them good not just for wheelchairs however for go-carts also. And as the equipment is produced to be mobile, no added interior adjustment is demanded. This complexity is maybe among the reasons why a big number users are attracted to them.

The commerce industry traced through this extraordinary request. As you see on sites from web and storehouses at present, you might discover a lot of merchandises in a diversity shapes and sizes offering several other features. A few will accompany with detachable cushioned chairs or distant joystick. Usually it arrives that an increased number of features it arrives by, the higher the price of the product. Besides,And if you're out to purchase your preferred ones among these, it is all of the time advisable to pursue by the basic features that are truly necessary. A great stair lift ought be capable to lift a set of steps that is inclined at a fifty seven degrees of angle. The materials they’re produced must be durable sufficient to bear the weighting of the wheelchair and someone sitting in it. Not the last thing, they should be easy to connect and break away once asked. When those basic features are active, you should keep going.

Ultimately, it's significant to acknowledge that these mobile climbers aren't fiddles or simple widgets to get them lightly and play by means of. Cautionary standards should be kept and beware when using the gear. For beginners, one should completely recall that not every part of stair mounters have the force to go up whatsoever type of stairway. The majority of them are not proper for rolling or curled stair cases and they're not suggested to be used on stairs with uneven steps. And then prior you just seek to manoeuvre one, make sure that you have saw the technical brochure thoroughly and that you own a certified carer to direct you by the good direction.

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Friday, 23 October 2009

The Solar Panels

Solar Panels are composed of solar cells (also called photovoltaic cells), each of size 85 х 85 х 0.4 mm.

Since a single cell does not produce enough solar electricity to be used they will assemble the solar panels so as to meet electricity needs. Solar panel dimensions naturally depend on the number of solar cells within the structure.

Solar panels are means of solar energy capture and Redeem. The basis of this process lies photovoltaic cell. In short, in contact with sunlight, it produces electricity. Electricity can be used directly, but can be accumulated in batteries and Peter later use, or converted to alternating current.

Electrical parameters of a solar panel, composed of 72 elements (solar cells) are:

Power - 68 W, nominal voltage - 12 V, the current maximum - 4 A.

Solar panels are the basic components of photovoltaic systems.

A PV system is producing an electric current small electrical central capture solar energy.

A simple photovoltaic system contains the following elements:

- Photovoltaic panels,

- Batteries for energy storage + battery charge regulator,

- Inverter for converting direct current from batteries into AC.

Nicula Monastery

Nicula Monastery, known for miracle-working icon of Our Lady and the School "of painters" glass, which can be reached on the national road to Cluj to Gherla and from there to a distance of 5 km is the village Nicula, the where the climb to the monastery.

First appears in documents dating to the year 1552 the monastery, built of wood, renovated in 1714 and destroyed after a fire in 1974.

Meanwhile in 1770, was brought another church, which holds that there are some icons representative Nicula.

Large church was built between 1875-1879, of brick and stone, with dedicated "Assumption". Gallant is the iconostasis replaced in 1938, worked in lime wood, unique in the country, is a real sun, which is a very beautiful center and supports the cross what the holy doors. Rays which start from the cross rests on the arch. Syrian-ray is interrupted by equal medallions in which are painted the twelve Apostles and in the middle medallion is painted the Holy Trinity. At the intersection of the two arms of the cross is an empty circle form, which is high miracle-working icon of Our Lord during the service official prayer is lowered for the day before the Holy Door.

This is the miracle-working icon, in 1699 between February 15 and March 12 to tears, and since then have committed many miracles before them, those who come with faith and prayed for relief of suffering. Here operates a workshop where they are icons and paintings on glass of a museum with.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Growth of race horses

In 1908, the crew horses were moving in the state administration Ministry of Agriculture, and after 1920 is the basis of developing a strong sector growth of race horses. Establishes crew horses State Saturday in the Netherlands Bonţida, parts, Ruşeţu, Mangalia and reorganized the network of stores stallion. Appear crew horses private (Marghiloman, Negropontes, Moruzzi, Schlesinger), which are breeding in the West and from which the state bought for breeding crew horses own.

In 1930, national crew horses had a total of 1287 horses of which 35 horse nursery, 410 mares mother, 402 heads, youth and women head 440 male youth.

During the Second World War, losses in the number of race horses have been immense. Immediately after the war, the Romanian government has taken effective measures for restoration of the horse herds, including the purchase of foreign breeders. Followed collectivization of agriculture and expansion of business that generated mechanized measures to reduce the number of horses with negative effects on race horses.

Herds of horses race and qualitative increase in number after 1971, with the establishment of the Republican Center for Growth and horses qualification race, which assumes responsibility for production of equine material with superior genetic acquiring and disseminating it through the stallion to mount public the population.

After 1989, due to social conditions - specific economic and political transition to a market economy, a retrocession land, herds of horses from big growth increased significantly, from 663 thousand heads in 1989 to 872,436 heads in 31.XII.2002 (according to data from the agricultural census, provided by the National Statistics Institute). Increased private sector is 138% while the state sector that grows in pure-bred horses, registered a decrease from 7114 to 3680 head ends (31. XII.2003) representing a 48% regression.

The effects of structural changes in Romanian society after 1989 were felt in the dynamics and number of race horses and crew horses of deposits belonging to the stallion.

In 1991, Republican Center for Growth and horses Qualification Race horses are reorganized in Self Administration "Horses of Race," the sole authority of horse country held a national public interest in the horse herds of crew horses national race only nuclei pure and Romania which is a national genetic heritage.

In 1998, the Self Administration "Horses of Race" to be reorganized by HG no. 637/1998, the National "Race Horses of SA who actually received a horse from the 2060 public law established by the state, consisting of 110 horse nursery, 650 mares breeding stallion in 1300 and assembled public.

In 2002, by decision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry has been promoted Emergency Ordinance No.139 which abolished the National "Race Horses of SA, its assets being acquired by National Forests.

In 2003, the National Forests under the GEO no. 139/2002 took horses to race, triggered a vast program to rehabilitate sections of horse and restoration of the number of race horses. Following this program stopped due to sales and in 2004 recorded increases in number of race horses. On 30 November 2004 the herd of horses race was 3789 head (103% vs. 2003) and from 1 March 2005 reached 3867 horse. Of the total of 3867 horses in the national genetic patrimony is 1827 head of which the 1086 stallion mount public, 97 and 644 horse nursery mares parent shall ensure that a strategic policy for improvement in getting the best products for use in the replacement layer and for improvement of equine growth.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

A Good Romanian History Book

A Good Romanian History Book

A history book absolutely superb. It's "History of the war for the Unity of Romania" by Constantin Kiritescu, I edition of the Scientific and Ed Enciclopedica, Bucharest, 1989. a reproduces that of 1928 ..
But before you comment let me tell you another story ... I lived
in the spring of 89 paid external duty Ceausescu of Romania and all I thought was a screw relax. The only "joy" has been increasing from 2 to 3 hours of broadcasting TVR television, and the percentage of propaganda ..
Around Gorbachev shake our socialist system, but nothing new.
I think I only waited anxiously Congress with the XIV century and hope that something will change. But nothing, except that a shoemaker loud cry against the USSR and Gorbaciov ... with some fear boys with blue eyes-foundries-that is, those who understand the era they lived, I tried understanding what happens and will be the consequences ..
Almost immediately after the congress, that is towards the end of November, I entered the library Bucharest M. Eminescu.
How come there often, I knew the sellers. And for that I and speaking, .. a girl, of small stature he said look what I got, "You better be good to buy. TODAY." Me, stupid as "Well I never RAFO a" girl who "Believe me, Oh you like it. I know the taste, take it NOW . As a man of the time I understood and I digging through pockets. It was painful, and I paid with metal sheets 25 Cashier money .. I tried to say something, but her colleague, who told me about practically forced me, he made the sign of the head to keep the comments. After I took gave me the voucher volume 2 after which he said the most banal and professional tone goodbye.
How then understand-May-fast today, I got the books, I said a thank you, goodbye as neutral and I went out the door. I was thinking why I have given recent oi money without even skim ..
I got it home. Obviously I knew that the beginning of the war, the battles in Transylvania, withdrawal, Oituz, Marstal, Marasesti, and finally peace and reunification with the creation of Greater Romania.
The book was a lot. Secret Treaty of Carol I, and the royal families for choosing a camp in order to obtain maximum advantage, arguments used interventions parties, the Council the crown. Then I realized what the word meant for people that age. And his respect.
When the TVR television did show that the most novel idea is questionable, I realized that not only admired the fact that although the officer was and king, bound by treaties and alliances blood, Carol I was a man of word . And his main duty was to his country, Romania. If the people wanted, he was subjected. And died of a heart with a bad decision not agreed. Although, I think today's politicians, regardless of party, that it would not worth a word for it .. (excuse the word like ..)
on the Mausoleum of Marasesti. I imagined that was where they were given battles.
In this book I heard from Sarja Robanesti. Where the cavalry attacked from AK47. The older of the band fighted in 1877. In 1916 years .. have .. But he left voluntarily for an idea. Obviously that was not returned almost none, but have stopped the advance of the enemy ..
Great shame that current history books say that Mihai Viteazul have sensual lips. And it mentioned Andreea Esca. But these acts of bravura those on the battlefield, no.
And no I did not like the Romanian officers who were carrying the plans for defense of Bucharest have them all in hand with the enemy. Without even try to destroy them use or their guns. I enjoyed finding that after the war many ladies do not receive in their home. Ii treated backwards if their wife obliged. A lady of good family it would even be asked if one is true officers gun if they were to learn to use it. Then out door ...
Just did not know, although it was logical that in the 196 and 1917, Russian military ally, was known for its ability to non combat. And that the Germans and Austrians attacked just there, knowing that after a few shell and squall, the Russians leg and I let the Romans go to the battle ground for their country. And how they were poorly trained and armed, the outcome was predictable ..
Even I was amazed to find out how Romanian regiment was surrounded. Germans have sent emissary proposing capitulation. Roman commander requested some time thinking several hours swearing on his word as an officer will not take any hostile action. Shortly enemies were shocked to hear an explosion in the Romanian. After that proposal was accepted teaching. But the Germans have been shocked when they found that the Romans had not any gun, especially a flag. It was clear what was used last reserve of ammunition. Well, almost all of it. Master and retain the last gun cartridge. Which they used properly, after it avoided the unnecessary massacre of his people ..
Remember many a footballer, this guy's name I forgot.
So I would recommend this book ...

Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Rabbit's grow

A few arguments and conclusions

1. Because of the nutritional qualities of breast milk, a baby rabbit doubles its weight in the first 6 days after birth.
This is a very fast growing, if we compare with other species.
A pig volume will double in 14 days, a calf in 47 days, and a newborn of our species ... 160 days.
Rabbit diet consists, on average, of 40% or alfalfa hay and 60% cereals (oats, wheat, barley, soybean, etc.), which represents a simple and easy diet relative to the quantity of meat and other products obtained.
Basically, we can say that the rabbits increased from "nothing" and still produce the healthiest meat.

2. In the past, the rabbits were transported and released on Ships (to multiplication) on the islands on sea routes mostly circulated.
Lack of predators, rabbits multiply explosive.
Subsequently, they were hunting in the menu and introduced by sailors who land on islands.

3. In 1859 a single pair of rabbits was brought from Europe and released in Victoria country in the continent Australia.
In a period of 30 years, descendants of that pair already has about 20 million head.
In the twentieth century the rabbits were multiplied to the entire Australian continent.
Australian Government has come up there we can send the army against them.
There was avoided any biological weapons.
In 1950 Australian scientists have intentionally introduced in the island in a virus that decimate expressly rabbits.
If the virus was started execution, and after several years of slow evolution and in the end he almost totally lost the effect.

4. Currently, France is the biggest producer and consumer of rabbit meat.
In Hungary there are breeders of rabbits, which produce more than 10,000 head per year, most being exported to Italy.
Taking into account the accelerated increase in the number of people on the planet, and that remains the same land area and food resources are decreasing, we conclude that the species of rabbit play a role as increasingly important in human nutrition.
In the twentieth century, rabbit meat was the primary goods exported by China.

5. Although the rabbit has been domesticated by humans only after 6000 years, there is evidence which proves that feeds the world with rabbit since about 15,000 BC
In time, the species has always processed according to the man.
Rabbits farm today are different warren.
They are a distinct breed, being reproduced selectively.
Their genetic lines are carefully selected using computer programs for over 15 years.
It was such a situation in which the rabbit farm had an increasingly large meat and increasingly small bones.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Energy, mater, life

The wave-corpuscule dualism is one of the concepts that has always fascinated me and it fascinate me continuously even if I understand it completely. I will start from it and I will arrive to some interesting conclusions.

As it is well known, in physics, electromagnetic waves have also a wave behavior when we talk about refraction, reflection, and so on... phenomenons but in the same time a corpuscule behavior when it's about photoelectric phenomenon or some other phenomenons at atomic scale.

What it is very interesting it's not the fact that there is a distinction between these two categories of phenomenons, but the fact that the photon(the wave) is differently perceived depending upon the physical phenomenon. When we refer to the concept of photon we use it more as concept of quanta of energy and we use it as wave concept we use in fact the properties from the mechanic waves.

Same effect suffer the electron when it is in movement. So practically it's the same manifestation of the phenomenon but which has an energy and mater form in the same time.

Mater is energy and energy is mater. This thing is told also by the well-known formula of Albert Einstein.

Studying the evolution of the Universe, we find that at the very beginning it didn't existed something else that energy. An infinite amount of energy which suffered trasformations as it evolved, a part of its energy becoming mater. And then, this mater begun to intelligently organize after the laws which govern the Universe. In this way appeared at a moment a structure of mater resulting at some point the intelligent mater, with capacity of reproduction - life.

But life is also a form of energy. It's an evolved state of mater, which mater it's an evolved state of energy. So, the Universe is structured this way : Energy --> Mater --> Life.

So we humans, we are also a form of energy. An evolved form of energy. What we are searching now it's to understand the sublayers that which conducted to our being and to find a viable source of energy. Through all we do we try to arrive to the origins of the Universe and to find a mechanism which give us the possibility to produce artificially that form of energy.

This is natural and normal to try to find this, because having an energetic independence and having the possibility to reproduce and master it at any time, makes us evolve. As a matter a fact, we arrived so technologically advanced (although not sufficient) because we started to look for energy even from our very beginning. Energy means life and its mastering means life. That's why one of the key point of human evolution was the discovering of fire and the possibility to use it to the human needs and purposes.

And humanity will continuously search and look to arrive to the source of its existence, the Origins of the Universe. Because energy is everything. And evolution presume to begin to master forms of energies progressively to the highest form of energy. At the beginning was the fire, then the fuel fossils, then the atomic energy where we are at the present. We try to enter now in a new era, this means to master the subatomic energy scale. As much we descend to the scale as much energies implied are stronger and a good understanding and mastering of the laws of physics it's absolutely needed.

Although, from the spiritual point of view, the most of us we left to an incipient stage of evolution and development. Our life are based on principles and laws made by others. We don't have the capacity to think ourselves. That's why it appeared the religions which imposed laws who be respected and to give some orientation to the people who are incapable to thing by themselves. To support them to one point.

In the incipient stages of human evolution, these religions were something positive. They assured an equilibrium and stability in the known world. Although, at some level of advancement in the thinking, they begin to be an impediment in the individual development of the human being. All the religions created some thousands years ago say all the same thing. they give a set of laws depending on the culture and origin. But meanwhile the world hasn't been static, the world has gone on and developed, and these laws have left the same.

What it is missing now is the consciousness. We arrived to some energetic advancement which gives us the time to improve this aspect also. Until now, from thousands of years ago we were subdued to the religious dogmas and concepts. They were necessary because they assured us the stability. And this, because we hadn't the capacity to look further. But know, the intelligence has evolved. We know that there are other planets, other stars and other galaxies and probably many other Universes. We also know that there is life to other planets in the Universe. We aren't no more so limited in knowledge. We must assume the courage and the responsibility to think for ourselves. To have consciousness.

Because until now the consciousness has been done by the same people after which the religions have formed: Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mahavira, Mahomed. It's very good to learn to the predecessors. This way we are evolving, by taking some part of their knowledge. But this doesn't means to take everything, including the mistakes they did. Because it isn't perfection.

To have consciousness means to think free and alone and to action in compliance to this thinking. This way, you will find that your life will acquire a much bigger value.

I wish you all to have consciousness !